About Munchbox

The story of munchbox

Many of us have demanding jobs and run from one meeting to another. Before you know it, you feel a bit peckish and you either grab whatever is handy (usually bad for your waistline), or plough through the sugar low until the next meal.

Both options wreak havoc on your metabolism and don’t help your wellbeing.

We at munchbox want to make sure that every busy, health conscious professional (like you) will have yummy, healthy, and natural snacks within arm’s reach throughout their work day. No more sugar lows, no more post snack guilt, and most importantly no hassle.

 So what’s in Munchbox?

Our team of snackologists went far and wide to find the most interesting, natural, nutritious and mouth watering, snacks out there. Our nutritionist then made sure that these snacks had no added sugar, are vegan, Gluten free, and generally good for you.

To keep things interesting, the selection of snacks munchbox offers is ever expanding and evolving. So keep an eye on our new offerings every month!

 Connect with us

To maintain excellence in serving your needs, we thrive on feedback, so please, feel free to give us any tips, ideas, or good old criticism you might have on info@munchbox.ae

Happy munching.


Chief Munching Officer


P.S. Your munchbox packaging is environmentally friendly, so please make sure you dispose of it responsibly.

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